Accounting in Arizona, LLC is the trusted solution for Small Business Accounting Scottsdale AZ and nearby communities such as Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, and Chandler.  Our professionals will make sure your books are correct, taxes paid and you will understand where your business is every month. We sit down with every client each month and review the financials and make suggestions based on our staff’s many years of experience. We have learned that every business has different accounting needs so we offer Outsourced Accounting and In House Accounting.

Monthly Accounting Services

  • Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Accounts Payable
    • Enter all invoices and print checks
    • Year End 1099
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Prompt Customer Billing for optimal Cash Flow
    • Record all Deposits
    • Sales tax to all municipalities
    • Monitor past due invoices
  • Payroll
    • Payroll Checks Weekly, Bi Weekly, Semi- Monthly
    • Pay all Payroll taxes
    • Year End W2’s Financials
  • Sales Reports
    • By Revenue Streams decided by each customer
    • By salesman
    • Product sales reports
  • General Ledger
    • Monthly Cash Position report
    • Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • Income Statement by Departments

Small Business Consulting

There are many day to day decisions made in every business. We sit down with you and your staff from the beginning of your company, making sure all department’s needs are taken care of. As your business expands we help you make the critical decisions that are necessary for expansion.

  • Creation of a new LLC, Corporation or Partnership
    • File papers with Corporation Commission or Secretary of State
    • File all required annual reports
  • Establish proper record keeping to comply with Federal Laws
  • Work with banks to get bank accounts that are best for your company and needs
    • We have NO customers that pay monthly bank fees
    • Get the best loan rates possible
  • What is your Overhead for bidding purposes
  • What markup should we choose?
  • What is your company’s break even point?
  • Everify-It’s the law
  • Establish Federal compliant hiring and firing practices
  • Evaluating your business paperwork flow for best efficiency
  • How can we cut costs?
  • Should we take on debt to expand?
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Outsourced Accounting

  • Customers can email, drop off, or fax their information
  • We process your information, run the reports and sit down with you each month and review your reports

In House Accounting

  • We come to your office as many times a week as you feel necessary

Other Accounting Services

Our Clients Love Us!

Highly Recommend AIA

Accounting and Computer Services addressed all of our accounting, finance and IT challenges. Their expertise allowed management to focus on business growth and improvement. I would definitely recommend them.  – D. Crawford


Great Experience

We contacted Accounting in Arizona for help and advise with creating a hospital analysis for our practice and being able to diversify between our three departments. Having a mixed animal practice it has been difficult to see how each department was doing and if we needed to make any changes such as personnel, equipment etc. Accounting in Arizona was able to train us on how to “classify” each of our jobs so we can look and see where all of our expenses, cost of goods sold, and income is coming from and going to. We have been using Quickbooks for years but we never really understood what all it could do for us. It has been a great help for our monthly financial meeting, they are now straight forward and the reports are easy to understand! They have given us the tools and knowledge to better understand our practice and how we can improve. We would highly recommend Accounting in Arizona for all your accounting and Quickbook needs. – Krystal W.


Comfort Feeling..

I have known the staff at Accounting in Arizona for over 25 years. They all worked for me when I owned a large construction company. When I closed my company they started their own company and any business that uses them will be very pleased with their knowledge, honesty and you can trust them as I have for 25 years. They still do all my accounting work personally and for the other small businesses I still have. I received many calls with their ideas to save me and my companies money. Recently our merchant services fees were high for a restaurant I own. I talked to Bill and 2 months later was saving 30% on our merchant services fees. The entire staff is always making my life easier. If I go away on vacation for a month, I know all my financial obligations are being taken care of. It’s PRICELESS! – Richard in Show Low


Saves our Company Money

Four years ago I opened a small construction company. I realized quickly I needed to find someone to do my bookkeeping as I know construction not accounting. I initially was using a local much more expensive CPA. I have known Bill and his staff for over 20 years and when he started his own company, I transferred all of my bookkeeping/payroll to Accounting in Arizona. In a very short time, I was quickly at peace that my accounting needs were being taken care of and that is good for our business, my employees and most importantly my family. In addition to doing our bookkeeping, they have helped save us money and make the right decisions for my business. –Joe D.


Great work at a great price

The employees working for Accounting in Arizona are friendly, hard working, accurate, educated and trustworthy. I have known them for nearly 30 years, as I myself worked with them for 25 of those years. Together, they can help aide you in bettering your company. They are easy to communicate with and understand financial reports. Also, on board this great company, is a QuickBooks expert. Any QuickBooks questions will be answered in a timely manner and will relieve any stress you may be feeling. I recommend AIA for any type of business. –S. Lott


Must use for any small business

I have had the opportunity to work with Bill Smith and his staff for twenty-five years. They know and understand the importance of accurate financial data and accurate financial reporting prepared quickly and on time. Their experience with computer systems and software gives them the ability to not only produce financial data, but also to analyze it and provide insightful recommendations. Cost analysis, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll procedures are areas where their experience has proven valuable. Their professional experience has given them opportunities to interact with management, supervisors, and operations staff as well as experience interacting with outside accountants, auditors, bankers, attorneys, and customers. –William in Scottsdale


Your Trusted Solution for Small Business Accounting Scottsdale AZ and Nearby Areas such as Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler.

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