Accounting in Arizona, LLC is the trusted solution for Small Business Accounting Scottsdale AZ and nearby communities such as Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, and Chandler.  Our professionals will make sure your books are correct, taxes paid and you will understand where your business is every month. We sit down with every client each month and review the financials and make suggestions based on our staff’s many years of experience. We have learned that every business has different accounting needs so we offer Outsourced Accounting and In House Accounting.

Monthly Accounting Services

  • Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Accounts Payable
    • Enter all invoices and print checks
    • Year End 1099
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Prompt Customer Billing for optimal Cash Flow
    • Record all Deposits
    • Sales tax to all municipalities
    • Monitor past due invoices
  • Payroll
    • Payroll Checks Weekly, Bi Weekly, Semi- Monthly
    • Pay all Payroll taxes
    • Year End W2’s Financials
  • Sales Reports
    • By Revenue Streams decided by each customer
    • By salesman
    • Product sales reports
  • General Ledger
    • Monthly Cash Position report
    • Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • Income Statement by Departments

Small Business Consulting

There are many day to day decisions made in every business. We sit down with you and your staff from the beginning of your company, making sure all department’s needs are taken care of. As your business expands we help you make the critical decisions that are necessary for expansion.

  • Creation of a new LLC, Corporation or Partnership
    • File papers with Corporation Commission or Secretary of State
    • File all required annual reports
  • Establish proper record keeping to comply with Federal Laws
  • Work with banks to get bank accounts that are best for your company and needs
    • We have NO customers that pay monthly bank fees
    • Get the best loan rates possible
  • What is your Overhead for bidding purposes
  • What markup should we choose?
  • What is your company’s break even point?
  • Everify-It’s the law
  • Establish Federal compliant hiring and firing practices
  • Evaluating your business paperwork flow for best efficiency
  • How can we cut costs?
  • Should we take on debt to expand?
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Outsourced Accounting

  • Customers can email, drop off, or fax their information
  • We process your information, run the reports and sit down with you each month and review your reports

In House Accounting

  • We come to your office as many times a week as you feel necessary

Other Accounting Services

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